The Illustrious and mighty LL. the Estates of Holland, and West-Friesland, having in their Assembly viewed the Sentence pronounced by the National Synod of Dort, against the person, writings, and books of Conradus Vorstius, Doctor of Divinity, all things dually considered, have upon have upon fore-deliberation judged and determined, that inasmuch as he was after a peculiar manner admitted to the Professorship of the University of Leiden, it therefore belongs most properly to themselves to determine that which is fit in his case.

          Whereupon accordingly they remove the aforementioned Conrade Vorstius from his functions in the said University, and from henceforth call in his stipend there. And forasmuch, as it is evident, that his remaining in these parts is hurtful, as well to the common-weal, as to the Church, they banish him out of Holland, and West-Freisland, charging him to depart thence within the space of six weeks, and not to return thither upon such arbitrary penalty as shall in that case be inflicted upon him, as a troubler of the public peace; affording him notwithstanding, for the discharge of his journey, the half year’s stipend, whereinto he is now entered.

          Moreover they command, that special letters be dispatched to him, whereby he may be certified of these particulars, with express charge unto him to address himself to the performance hereof.


          Enacted at the Hage June 17 — 27, 1619.


By the appointment of the Illustrious and mighty

LL. the Estates of Holland and West-Friesland




A. Duycke



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