The Contents


*    The Preface to the Reader by Melchior Leydecker


*    Chapter 1

The introduction to the work, and the text Galatians 3:11 opened up.


*    Chapter 2

Naturally we are inclined to cry up self in Justification.


*    Chapter 3

The Doctrine of Justification should be kept pure with all diligence; and what dangerous expressions should be shunned.


*    Chapter 4

Justification is so contrived in the Gospel, as man may be abased, and have no ground of boasting.


*    Chapter 5

In Justification there is a state of Life.


*    Chapter 6

What mysteries are in Justification.


*    Chapter 7

Justification through the imputed righteousness of Christ, cleared out of the Old Testament, and the passages vindicated from the exceptions of John Goodwin.


*    Chapter 8

Some passages out of the New Testament confirming the imputation of Christís righteousness, vindicated from the exceptions of John Goodwin.


*    Chapter 9

Other passages of the New Testament briefly mentioned, which plead for the imputation of Christís Righteousness.


*    Chapter 10

Some arguments for the imputation of Christís righteousness, vindicated from the exceptions of Mr. John Goodwin.


*    Chapter 11

Objections taken out of Scripture by Mr. Goodwin against the imputation of the righteousness of Christ unto Justification, answered.


*    Chapter 12

Some other objections, proposed by John Goodwin, examined.


*    Chapter 13

Mr. Baxterís opinion, concerning imputation, examined.


*    Chapter 14

How Christ is our surety, and what Mr. Baxter saith unto this, examined.


*    Chapter 15

Mr. Baxterís answers to some of our arguments for imputation, examined.


*    Chapter 16

Mr. Baxterís further opposition to the imputation of Christís righteousness examined.


*    Chapter 17

Reasons enforcing the practice of the truth vindicated.


*    Chapter 18

Some of the duties of such, as live the life of Justification, proposed.


*    Chapter 19

Of the life of Justification, as to its continuance.


*    Chapter 20

The state of Justification remaineth, notwithstanding after-sins, and punishments.


*    Chapter 21

Justification is by faith, what this faith is? and how it is wrought?


*    Chapter 22

Our act of faith is not imputed to us as a righteousness.


*    Chapter 23

Some arguments against the imputation of faith vindicated from the exceptions of John Goodwin.


*    Chapter 24

The imputation of faith itself is not proved from Romans 4: 5.


*    Chapter 25

Faith is not our Gospel righteousness.


*    Chapter 26

Christ did not procure, by his death, the New Covenant, or the terms thereof.


*    Chapter 27

How faith is, and may be called a condition of the New Covenant and of Justification, how not?


*    Chapter 28

How faith is, and may be called an instrument?


*    Chapter 29

What interest repentance hath in our justification: and that it is no condition of the same.


*    Chapter 30

Whether love, purpose of new obedience, or perseverance be conditions of justification.


*    Chapter 31

Gospel-obedience is not the condition of justification.


*    Chapter 32

Of the object of justifying faith.


*    Chapter 33

The righteousness of Christ is the special object of faith in justification.


*    Chapter 34

Faith in justification respects not in a special manner Christ as a King, but as a Priest.


*    Chapter 35

Faith is the only condition, on our part, of the continuance of justification.


*    Chapter 36

Of the interest of repentance in the pardon of after-sins.



The Contents of the Appendix


*    Chapter 1

Imputation both of Christís active and passive obedience necessary.


*    Chapter 2

Christ underwent the curse of the Law.


*    Chapter 3

We must not lean to any righteousness within us, whereby to be justified.


*    Chapter 4

The Law, by the works whereof Paul denies that we are justified, is not the Jewish Law.


*    Chapter 5

Works excluded in Justification, are not only works done before faith, nor perfect works required in the Law of Innocence, nor outward works only.


*    Chapter 6

By works, which Paul excludeth, is not meant the merit of works.


*    Chapter 7

James 2: 14 &c. cleared and vindicated


*    Chapter 8

No countenance given to justification by works, from James 2:14 &c.


*    Chapter 9

John Forbes his arguments, against the imputation of Christís active obedience, examined; with a view of Wendelinís reasonings against it.


*    Chapter 10

The Fathers give countenance to the doctrine of imputation; and some Papists approve it.


*    Arguments Against Universal Redemption.




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